Flow around sails

Flow simulations are feasible around sails, and the perfromance in 2D and 3D have been tested at Physixfactor. The jib and the main sail can be adjusted seperately and by doing this one is able to scan for the best power performance of a specific set of sails.

2D flow around sails

3D flow around sailing boat

Flow simulations of sails reveal the optimum angle of attack for the best performance of the sails. The curvature and the windspeed are both important factors. Physixfactor has been in a project to optimise the sails. In the picture above also the arrows indicate the pressure development along the cords, for both the jib and main sail. This is directly related to the power development of the sail system. Plots are available on request of the power performance of these sails.

A 3D simuation of the flow around a sailing boat is more challenging than the 2D counterpart on the left of this page. First of all the curvatures of the 3D sails shoud be such that all parameters which define the sail shape can be parametrized. In this way one is able to simulate a variety of shapes and angle of attacks in order to propose the best performance of a set of sails for a specific boat, for example wind twist can be visualised. The peformance of the ship is available on request.

Send me the performance plots for these sails.