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Physixfactor uses the Finite Element Method software developed by COMSOL since 2005. The software is written in a modern language and suitable to apply to many industrial problems. The FEM software makes use of many physics modules, and is able to couple many fields of physics to solve your problem in an appropriate way. When using two or more physics modules for complicated simulations it may become very challenging. So if you encounter this it might be a good idea to outsource your simulation task to Physixfactor. The simulation projects Physixfactor did as a COMSOL consultant cover many fields such as:

All these applications show Physixfactor’s skills. In our collaboration with you only results count, and this will be guaranteed by Physixfactor.


COMSOL certified consultant

Physixfactor is on the official list of COMSOL certified consultants. Physixfactor has focused since its start in 2005 on COMSOL and has become the expert in it. Physixfactor is one of only two companies that have met the COMSOL standards in the Netherlands. Physixfactor is your Finite Element Method Consultant. If you consider to outsource FEM projects, please contact us. You can inquire about the many possibilities in this field without obligations. Physixfactor collaborates with highly specialised experts in the field of material technology such as R&D van der Stappen. If chemical reactions are part of the simulations, Physixfactor can offer you this service as well because of a collaboration with Sparkorigin.