The power of Finite Element Method modelling!

Your products can be modelled and virtually tested with Finite Element Method (FEM). Many static and dynamic simulations can be performed, and Physixfactor guarantees the end result to be reliable. Finite Element Method analyses or virtual prototyping is at rise in the industry, and if correctly applied it can make laboratory tests unnecessary. Physixfactor has more than 10 years of experience in FEM and more than 30 years of experience in R&D. Mechanical stress, heat, flow or electrical simulations and calculations, Physixfactor is your partner.


Certified Consult

Physixfactor is a certified consultant for the company COMSOL. The results of the simulations match the standards what may be expected in this field of technology. COMSOL Certified Consultants use their extensive experience with COMSOL Multiphysics and related products to deliver turnkey solutions for a variety of modeling projects. We produce ready-to-run models and reports with in-depth analysis of the results.


With FEA from Mr. Van Halewijn, we are ahead of our measurements!



Applications are the latest innovation in the area of FEM which can be build by us. Applications are models specifically designed for you, and you can enter the models on a website of physixfactor and run the models yourself. The models are parametric, so you are the one who can set the dimensions, material properties and boundary conditions. In this way you are in the driver seat and you can control all the model results. Even your marketing department can demonstrate the applications to custoemrs on conferences abd alike. Do you want to know more? Please send an e-mail to Physixfactor.


Training & Consultancy

Physixfactor has finished a training session for the application of FEM simulations in a R&D department for a company in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). Some specific company cases were a part of the training, and Physixfactor guided the engineers on how to approach complicated FEM simulations in an effective way. Next autumn a new training sessions are scheduled, and we are looking forward to improving the skills of the Dutch engineers in the field of FEM simulations!

Mr. Van Halewijn prevented us from doing field tests. A real cost saver.

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