Boiler Cooling Time

The goal was to simulate the boiler cooling time in a compact  boiler. The cooling capacity is modest and the boiler is isolated well. By placing an electric cooler in it, the water can cool down. Cold water sinks because of its higher density and causes mixing disturbances in the liquid. A limit was set for the cooling time.

Thermal flow simulation

The Thermal Flow calculations were done in COMSOL. Based on initial calculations several parts of the design were changed. Physixfactor amended some more features after this phase and then the full FEM calculations were done. 3D movies and graphs were made of the cooling process over time.

Dynamic temperature behavior

Within these limits of cooling time and space a design was realised that satisfied these criteria. The dynamic behaviour was analysed untill a homogeneous temperature was established. As the boiler is part of a system, the data of this simulation was used to calculate the system’s characteristics. The cooling time was reached in the defined time limit and the compact boiler fit in its intended space.
In summary:

  • Flow data can be used in the design of a system.
  • The influence of different densities became clear at different starting temperatures.
  • Results were realised timely and cost-effectively.