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Physixfactor is an expert in the field of FEM consultancy since 2005. Virtual testing of products and processes with the method of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), or Finite Element Method (FEM) has evolved to a very powerful tool in modern industry.  The software method is well suited to build a variety of models, based on heat, mechanical stress, fluid flow or for example magnetism. Above all the software is also capable to couple many fields of physics. Physixfactor is an expert in understanding whether you can couple different fields of physics or not. Virtual testing has become mature and has proven to be very valuable. Physixfactor has built many multiphysics models, and for us it is the challenge to come up with reliable results.



Storing frame for highly corrosive materials

With modern simulation software such as COMSOL Multiphysics® it is possible to simulate your problems thoroughly. Just see it as a virtual laboratory, in which you have the opportunity to perform all kinds of tests and validate your product. Is it a mechanical stability, or vibration problem virtually all kinds of test are possible. Physixfactor will apply the right kind of tests, to get the maximum amount of knowledge out of your product system. It will make sure that valuable information will come out of the simulation. We model only when we are sure that reliable results will be generated for you. You have to make steps forward, and improve your products based on our modelling results. We accept work on the basis of no cure no pay as well.

Virtual product testing

Virtual testing is a process in which a variety of characteristics of your product can be simulated on a computer, also called Finite Element Analysis. When a virtual test model is built, there is a wide range of tests available. The modern FEM software has a complete package of tests at your disposal, such as static or time dependent simulations. The designer chooses in consultation with the client what characteristics can be tested, such as vibrations, strength (stress simulation), heat transfer, flow, diffusion or a combination of several analyses. All these disciplines belong to the extensive experience of Physixfactor. If your product does not meet your expectations, the virtual model can be adjusted, and the influence of the properties of your product become clear.