Expertise in Fluid and Heat Flow Simulations

Fluid dynamics simulations or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations can analyse for example air treatments. The temperature can be a driving force behind air movement, and for instance for refrigerators it can be important to simulate the thermal dynamic. The air movements can be approached extremely well with Finite Elements Method (FEM), and give insight into the behaviour of the system. If the flow has a higher speed it is described as forced flow, such as around the wings of an airplane. Did you know Boeing uses Computational Fluid Dynamics to design its aircraft? And did you know this is why they are tested less and less in wind tunnels? In short, CFD simulations are a reliable method to simulate various kinds of flow nowadays.

Physixfactor has gained experience both in fluid dynamics simulations, CFD simulations and field tests. Important for this type of simulations is that one tests a situation as a benchmark for the interpretation of the results, especially for analyses of pressure drops or loss of pressure in valves and pipes. One can simulate flows that are caused by convection with a accuracy of more than 5%, for example for assessing the heat transfer. This puts high demands on the planning and build-up of the simulation (and computer), but is feasible nowadays, also for your applications. Of course, dimensionless quantities play a role in each case. Therefore it is important to determine the Reynolds number for each flow simulation. If a heat flow is involved the Nusselt number, Grashof number and Prantl number are important for the right setup of the CFD simulations.

Practical examples:

  • Thermal flow and density variations in long chimneys  chimneys
  • Heat transfer and air treatment in medical devices by natural convection.
  • Fluid dynamics simulations above galvanic baths, an isolating blanket.
  • Flow and pressure variation in a centrifugal pump.

Voorbeeld van een centrifugaalpomp voor medische toepassingen.

Physixfactor simulates on a powerful workstation with 12 cores, and 64 Gb of RAM memory and uses the latest solvers. For CFD simulations this is required to deliver a timely and accurate service. Our company’s philosophy is several important core values on which you can evaluate after each flow project:

  • We are focussed on qualitative, but also practical solutions that are immediately useful. Especially in the field of fluid mechanics this is highly important. This way our services have optimal added value for our customers, also in the HVAC industry.
  • Physixfactor has a pragmatic mind-set. Innovations makes up our DNA. Always ready to change our plans and activities if necessary for your optimal results.
  • We promise easy and prompt communication with you. This way multidisciplinary projects are carried out swiftly and cost-efficiently.
  • We have an entrepreneurial mind-set, so we will carry the responsibility for the project results.