Wire drawing dies

Wire drawing dies are used to produce high quality metal wire, ranging from very thin wires to thick wires. Production lines with steel wires have been improved by Physixfactor on lifetime by 120%. They are used for all kind of application, such as copper wires for electricity and steel wire for the tyre industry. The wear of the die should be low in order to garantee a long lifetime and a minimum of diameter change of the wire. FEM simultions give insight what happens inside the wire die and the plasic deformation in the metal wire. In bthe simulations one can change the crucial parameters of the procces, for example the opening angle of the die, drawing speed and material properties of the metal (Stress/strain diagram). It is also important to control the parameters of the die material and the casing such as thermal conductivity and the sintering properties in the casing which encapsulate the die.

Simulation of wire dies

With the FEM simulations one is able to see the stresses occuring in the wire during the drawing process. Besides one can also see the heat generation during the plastic deformation and the heat flow through the die to the outside world.

Stress temperature and force calculations

The simulations can produce the drawing force and the residual stress in the metal wire. One can change the opning abgle of the wire, and see whether the process can be seepded up or not. The simulation can reveal some critical parameters of the process so one is able to improve on that. Physixfactor has optimized many production processes. Production lines with steel wires have been improved on lifetime by 120%.

Improving lifetime of wire dies.

Lifetime improvement of wire dies is crucial to garantee smooth and reliable production processes. Ask Physixfactor what can be done with the simulations.